Date: December 28.- January 2.  2018/19
Beginning 3 pm, ends 2 pm
Location: Attenhausen , Landau an der Isar
Energy balance: 540 €
                           plus Accomodation and food   between 375€ in a 3-Bed or 495€ in Single Room
Maximum 26 participants
Registration for early bird for 459 € (only for seminar costs) until 1th of September
Lele Nui
means jump into the unknown
into the space of NOT KNOWING
to explore and experience ...
"Not knowing until we know"
completely trust - embody spirituality - maximize bliss
We open this space to the energy of light and dark masculine and feminine archetypes
on the different levels - personal, transpersonal as well as spiritual and embodied
to explore, to recognize and to experience to play.
These days we will  use, transform, liberate, and illuminate our SHADOW SITES.
We will get to know, connect and integrate ALL parts of our soul.
Only in this way is it possible to fully love life and live love - BEING COMPLETE.
Relay into NOT KNOWING and join a research trip with like-minded, conscious respectful people in the TEMPLE OF LOVE.
We free ourselves from everything that no longer serves us,
so that we can truly surrender to LIFE and to our ECSTATIC BEING.
In the TEMPLE OF LOVE we will discuss the different aspects
explore, try and meditate on body and spirit, light and shadow, personal and transpersonal.
The intention is to give up all resistance to enter the field of TRUST,
quietening our minds and letting ourselves entering into the not knowing,
until we can feel what is fully present.
Complete SURRENDER & LOVE is only possible when our witness is wide awake 
and present and we are at home in our body.
Only then can we be WILD, UNTAMABLE, TRUE and LOVING.
As spiritual beings we are ALL, FREE, LIGHT and LIVING.
Through our BODY we can always anchor ourselves in the present.
Being in the body is the gateway to our spiritual presence.
Therefore, we train our body consciousness and our inner presence with daily exercises like
    · Quiet and movement meditations,
    - Conscious  Touch and massages - alone, in pairs, in the group,
    · Dance as a deep devotion to one's own being and existence.
To let go of the old and to come fully into the present, we must have ALL the aspects inside us and be HONEST. If we also admit our dark sides, we expose them. Most of the shadows then automatically lose power and power and transform into previously unknown abilities or possibilities.
Sharing rounds and forum helps us to express what is within us and to show honestly the within, so that together we can be deeper in LOVE.
    · Where do we choose love, how do we stay tuned and how do we show up for LOVE?
    · How can we embrace, accept, tolerate ALL ... without judging?
    · Where do we avoid LOVE, where do we fall out, where do we consciously or unconsciously judge?
If you accept the challenge of not wanting to understand anymore
but to give you completely into non-knowledge and into your BEING - then come with us.
We will spend these days in a group of max. Spend 26 people.
Ulrich our wonderful COOK ensures our well-being.
There will be enough room to exchange relaxed,
to enjoy nature or to pursue ideas and wishes of the group