Welcome to Soul & Life

  • Systemic Couple & Family Therapy


In order to
with yourself, others & the divine
you need to relate & listen to
your breath,
your body
& your heart

then get the bigger picture.

Do you LOVE your life? Is LIFE pleasure & at ease ?

The new ART of Relationship

Experience & practice how to relate,
try and explore what feels
good or not.

Giving and Receiving
Feeling & setting boundaries

What kind of partner do you want

How is he / she
How do I / we live partnership
How do we live our wishes, ideas
and needs and how do we communicate these

What we have learned ?
Let go of old, to make space for new

The new kind of relationship
is exciting, fulfilling and satisfying
for you and your partner.


"Love and freedom
are like two wings
of a bird.
Both are needed
in order to fly."


  • Partnership
  • Live relationships with tranquility, peace & harmony


Many clients, friends & fellows
often complain that there are "no real
men anymore" or the "women are too
Men can't "make it right",
women are too "complicated".

Relationships are retracted,
boring, draggy & endured.
Do you relate to this?
Do you sense within youself,
that it is possible that it can different?

I offer you the opportunity to learn
how it can be different,
how to live partnership from the heart.

The "sacred space" I hold for you ...
*allows you to feel deeply into what is there & connect with your hearts longing,
*shows you how you react in old pattern & how let them go, in order to learn & open up for
new possibilities & actions.


In working with me, you will understand, experience and recognize through
practical exercises, how the new way of relating with each other feels.

Through my support you can integrate this into your daily life or in your partnership,
or relationships to others,
or to attract a connection, which corresponds
more to your personal needs.

Talking therapy & practical procedures,
looking at family systems,
as well as body-orientated and
energetic work supports the process.

Sessions are suitable for singles
and couples of all ages from 18 years on

Sessions available in German too

Happy to support you
Love & Light & Joy


Sacred Space

  • Love
  • Presence
  • Consciousness
  • Clarity
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Consent
  • Awareness
  • Mindful
  • Free
  • Nonreligious