Experiences of participants


"Thank you for the most amazing Sunday evening. Again I have felt intensly my body and it is a wonderful feeling."
L. from Munich

"Thank you Christina, you make the evenings always an experience and like always both of us go out filled up and warmed up. Keep it up! My topic, RECEIVING , was adressed well and even yesterday has still given me goosebumps , as I realised how much  the evening had touched me . So much love without expectations , without judgment, it feels good .... "
S und G from Munich

"Dear Christina, it was really beautiful, amazing what you are creating & making possible !"
A from Starnberg

"Your work is just really good! Your direct clear way to create contact, encounter & touch and respect boundaries, is very beneficial. Your aliveness & your absolute presence as a woman ... your skills , your experience and your knowledge, me as a woman appreciate it very much !"
M from Munich

"As a man, I felt deeply honoured by Christina's way.  The session touched the deepest parts of my sexual energy, awakening a real feeling of power I have always known in me, reminding me of the connection to my core energy.  In the process, I felt a deep clearing process of old wounds was initiated, and much anger and grief came through, that was normally held beneath the surface. This was an unexpected, but most welcome release.

With Christina, I felt completely safe to feel and express whatever needed to come through.  She seemed to have a deep knowing of the pain that men can carry, and was just completely loving and accepting of what was there.  She had a very clear intuition as to when I was resisting my own process, and firmly supported me in dropping into my truth.  It was profoundly healing for me to let myself unfold into my true being, with a woman that is not afraid of a man’s power, or his pain.  I would recommend a session to any man interested in deepening into his true sexual self."
With love and gratitude  L. from London

"Yesterday i got an answer for what I needed. Finally standing in the truth of my needs. The realisation is about allowing myself to try what/who feels good & bad. It was a beautiful expierience & yes a personal gain from the honest expression from men speaking up in their needs. And I found comfort in the realisation that men & woman actually want the same!"
R from Ingolstadt

"I didn't know that I could feel this way. A complete new experience!" J.K.

"In the work with Christina I met myself the first time." B. from 

"In the session a lot got sifted/moved & I could sense more  ... Now I feel lighter, more clarity & much more alive then ever before." J. from London 

"PEACE came back into our relationship & family!" The Patons from Melbourne