Sexuality Therapie

SSH ( Sacred Sexual Healing)

contemplates with a single person
or with a couple their connection to sexuality.

Do I live sexuality to its full potential?
Do I freely express & celebrate sexuality?
Am I connected to myself
to my partner to the divine?

Do I love unconditionally
and am I fully alive?
Do I choose suffering instead of
pleasure in LIFE ?

How much am I allowing to thrive,
how much desire is okay,
do I still limit myself?

resticts me / us.

Let I go of these, I create space for expansion,
I am connected to the LIFEforce ENERGY.





Sessions with Christina

Sending you love and you are indeed a very powerful woman as well as a powerful healer.
Extraordinary to say the least.
Your work continues to unfold. Very impressive!!  Kim & Denise from Canada


Topics in relating

Closeness    –     Distance

      Giving         –         Receiving

          Freedom      –          Dependance

          Power           –           Helplessness

  Respect              –             Disregard

Estimation        –                Guilt

   Needs             –         Compulsion

Sex           -        Money

Conscious relationship – The art of relating

learn, excercise and experience new ways

 Experience what feels good or not

 Giving & Receiving

 setting boundaries

Which partner do you want in your life

 How is he /she

How do I /we live relationship

How do I / We live our desire, ideas & needs

How do we communicate

The new art of relationship is exciting, fulfilling and saticfying for you & your (future?) partner


What means Systemic Therapy?

Singles, Couples or Families
working creative & active with the current & original field.

New perspectives will be revealed to
a more fullfilled & happier common Being- together in the relationship or family.

An improved co-operation in relating, love and in sexuality is possible.

Letting go of old believesystems and behaviour .

When to come ...

Coaching in topics around relationships & new phases or beginnings in Life stages
Crises or Splitting up or processing of Seperation, Divorces, Death, Kids moving out,
phase into retirement
Handling & Ways to deal with children dispaying behavioural problems
Family council (Acquaintance, Kommunikation, Organisation, Structur, Boundaries)

Procedure ...

Solution technics including family constellationwork ( with people, symbole or family board)
Approach based on experiences
(Finding decisions, rollplay, Body awareness - Feeling, communication)
Body- & Trancework
Kinesiologie & energetic methods

Duration  ...

Between 1 -2 hours   by appointment only




Soul & Life Space


                  Space in Starnberg