ONE DANCE TRIBE  June 28. - July 4. 2018


These events are a portal to a new unified field where teachers, dancers and facilitators from different countries, modalities and walks of life come together as
ONE TRIBE to celebrate the power of moving as one.
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TEMPEL OF LOVE  2020 , Bavaria, Germany

Date: December 28.- January 2.  2018/19
Beginning 3 pm, ends 2 pm
Location: Attenhausen , Landau an der Isar
Energy balance: 540 €
                           plus Accomodation and food   between 375€ in a 3-Bed or 495€ in Single Room
Maximum 24 participants
Registration for early bird for 459 € (only for seminar costs) until 1th of October

Let yourself be touched by the HÚ ALA and celebrate the transition from 2018 to 2019
on a research trip with like-minded people in the TEMPLE OF LOVE.

We reflect what has shown up during the year 2018, integrate & understand,
so that in the New Year we can truly surrender ourselves to life and to our being and / or doing.
In the TEMPLE OF LOVE we will explore the different aspects of
body and spirit, light and shadow, personal and transpersonal,
explore and meditate on those.
THIS TIME with the Focus:
what or which force, power or energy would like to rise through me, break through me.

The intention is to completely TRUST, to calm the mind
by recognizing and letting us dive INTO until we can feel what is present and wants to come THROUGH us.

Complete SURRENDER is only possible when our observer is awake and present and
we are at home in our bodies.
Only then can we shine our BEING and LIGHT,
Put the SKY on the EARTH a little more.

Through our BODY we can always anchor ourselves in the present. 
Being in the body is the gateway to our spiritual presence. 
Therefore we train our body consciousness and our inner presence with daily opportunities like

   · Quiet and moved meditations,

   · Mindfulness, touch and massage - alone, in pairs, in group,

   · Dance as a deep devotion to one's own being and existence.

We perceive in the PRESENCE aspects of us which are dosing deep in our beings.
TRUELY and HONESTLY to behold what has always been there and go beyond your fears to be great.

Sharing sessions and Forum help us to express what is in us and to show us honestly
so that together we can go deeper into LOVE.

   · Where do we choose love, how do we stay tuned and how do we stand for it?

   · How can we accept, accept, tolerate ALL ... without judging?

   · Where do we avoid LOVE, where do we fall out, where do we consciously or unconsciously evaluate?

If you accept the challenge of not wanting to understand anymore, but of being completely in the not knowing and in your BEING - then celebrate with us.

We will spend these days in a group of max. 24 people.
There will be enough room to exchange, to relaxe and
to enjoy or to pursue ideas and wishes of the group!

Book accommodation directly with Heidi!      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FOOD 175, -Euro plus Accomodation (see below your choices)
Single room with private bath 320, - €
Double room with private bathroom 245, - €
3-MZ with private bath 200, - €
Single room with bath access 270, - €