Tantric Night

Tantric Night adresses all  ....
old-timers, newcomers and rubbernecks ...
singles and couples.
Learning partnership, to practice and re-experience
is the intent of this evening.
Through practical excercises with each other
you can sense into what feels good and what doesn't.
Experience giving & receiving,
feeling and setting boundaries,
opening yourself in confidence.

What kind of partner do you want in your life?
What is reality and what is desire?
How can I open myself to true partnership?

You will experience and feel flowing energy and
you reload your lifeforce energy.
How do we / I live partnership, what works?
How do we / I live my desire, ideas & needs and
how do we / I communicate them?

Do you dare to look at someone and to be seen by the heart?
How do we create real contact, intimacy & closeness?
In support with each other we work with ourself
and in cooperation, it is a positive way
to change visions of togetherness.

Participation is only possible by booking in order
to have a balanced number of men and women.

This evening is the opportunity for conscious meeting and
takes place cloths on. Practices with each other
or with your own partner takes place
exclusively in common consent & in mutual respect.


Events 2016:
   6.1./ 14.2. / 6.3. / 10.4./ 1.5. / 12.6. / 3 & 24.7. / 7.8./ 11.9. 9.10. / 6.11. / 4.12.
Time: 7- 10 pm
Location: Tanzstudio Freitänzer, Euckenstrasse 15, 81369 München
Energy Balance: 25,- Euro
Please note:
Participation is only possible with registration!

Sensual Hearts

The Tantric Heart is a follow up of Tantric Nights!

In this Sacred Space the intention is to open up
to the truth as honestly as possible.
You have the opportunity with your partner and / or yourself
to dive into the depths of being,
creating a sacred space by the common intention,
which we honor, celebrate and surrender to.
To what connects all of us - LOVE.


For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Events 2018:  12.1. 
Time: 19 - 22 Uhr
Location: Munich 
Balancing: 35,- Euro
Please note:
Participation only possible by registration!
      Limited spots of 16
Requirement is the participation of at least one Tantric Night!

Sacred Space 

The Big O - Orgasm ART

The Art of relating  - New ways of partnership

Christina open the sacred space to the following topics:

energetic & fullbody Orgas

Our heart seeks, our heart longs for ...


Recognition & unreavel of mutual confusion -
explore & discover LIFE & LOVE.
This open space can be enriched with your questions,
interests & sharings.
Talk with questions & answers & practical feeds


Events 2018: 
Time: 7 - 10 pm 
Balance:   Euro
Please note: please register, spots limited to 16

with Roots, Wings & Flippers

ENGLISH: ( Dutch below!)
with Roots, Wings & Flippers
Roots through powerful grounding body work, meditation and dance
Wings through the vibration of conscious touch and LOVE
Flippers through devoted floating in the 35° C warm water.
Our senses expand in the attentive, true and trustful encounter.
Within clear communicated limits we support each other in letting go and to feel.
Tantra meets Mantra meets Water
The Shamballa Aqua Temple offers through their warm water pool & close by seminar rooms best conditions for flowing changes and merges between the elements.
We remember deeply in our body, heart & soul how
BEING ONE feels: blissful, peaceful and fulfilled.

Ontdek je kern door krachtig en aardend lichaamswerk, meditatie en dans.
Met vleugels door de gewaarwording van bewuste aanrakingen en liefde.
Toegewijd baden en drijven in warm en helend water van 35 graden.
Ons bewustzijn wordt groter in deze toegewijde, pure en vertrouw wekkende ontmoeting.

Tantra ontmoet Massage ontmoet Water

Met duidelijk aangegeven grenzen ondersteunen we elkaar in het ‘loslaten’ en ‘voelen’
De Shambalah Aqua tempel bied hiervoor de beste mogelijkheden door het warmwaterbad en een sfeervolle accommodatie
…omdat het flowten de elementen verandert en samenvoegt.
Ons lijf, ons hart en onze ziel herinneren zich hoe het is om één te zijn
gelukkig, vredig en vervuld


Dates: 18.-20. January, 2019  and 6.-8. December
Time: Begin 6 pm Ends 4pm
Location:  Seminarhaus Sonnenstrahl, Kisslegg, Germany
Balance: Earlybird until 15. December and 1.November  199,- Euro, after 240,- Euro
plus accomodation/food
Please note:
Participation is only possible with registration! Spots are limited!

All practices with others or with your own partner is clearly only in a mutual consent, respect and mindfulness as well as self-responsibility for all actions. In this context we understand Tantric encounters as an energetic heart connection, loving exchange of energies and conscious touch!



TAWA - Tantra meets Water

This invitation for the day is dedicated to regardful encounters & conscious expieriences in a space of tust & truth. Therefore you can dive deeply into a comfortable feeling of security in the water & on the land.

Discover, practise & expierience on a NEW way 
- to GIVE & to  RECEIVE
- presence & surrender
to open yourself in trusting and being touched in your heart.

After a conscious preparation we will trustfully give our bodies into the 35° warm water within an protected & save atmosphere & we let go into the HERE & NOW.
Afterwards we will anker the expierence in Body, Heart & Soul through touch. The intention is to feel yourself and support each other to get to a content & fulfilled state of happiness & abundance. Then we are filled up for our everyday LIFE & let us be relaxed in the state of BEING.


Events 2018:   Please call if interested, will happen if enough participants enroll
Time:  6 - 10 pm
Place: Living Senses, Starnberg - Allmannshausen
Balancing: 55,- Euro earlybird ends 2 weaks before each dates, regular 65,- Euro
Please note: Limited to 12 participants