Soul & Life Course - Unfold your potential

In order to
BE connected
with yourself, others & the divine
you need to be related & listen to 
your breath,
your body
and you heart

then you get the bigger picture


From Frustration to Pleasure
What is my potential
How do I life relationships
What is blocking me
How do I love

This course offers you to learn, to practise, to sense how you can handle the changes & challenges of LIFE.
How you can be more connected with your soullevel,
how to embody the soul and
how you live more from the heart with
respect, honesty, authenticity & awareness.

A journey through the 7 chakras will be the thread.
You will learn practical tools to use them easily everyday,
they are helping you to integrate your full potential in LIFE.
First priority is the interactivness & to sense by experience like meditation, constellation, body perception, creativity, dance, Yoga & rituals.


Time: Fridays, 19 - 22 pm
Location: Starnberg
Balance: xxx,- Euro  
Please note:
Participation is only possible with registration!