Tantric Night

Tantric Night adresses all  ....
old-timers, newcomers and rubbernecks ...
singles and couples.
Learning partnership, to practice and re-experience
is the intent of this evening.
Through practical excercises with each other
you can sense into what feels good and what doesn't.
Experience giving & receiving,
feeling and setting boundaries,
opening yourself in confidence.

What kind of partner do you want in your life?
What is reality and what is desire?
How can I open myself to true partnership?

You will experience and feel flowing energy and
you reload your lifeforce energy.
How do we / I live partnership, what works?
How do we / I live my desire, ideas & needs and
how do we / I communicate them?

Do you dare to look at someone and to be seen by the heart?
How do we create real contact, intimacy & closeness?
In support with each other we work with ourself
and in cooperation, it is a positive way
to change visions of togetherness.

Participation is only possible by booking in order
to have a balanced number of men and women.

This evening is the opportunity for conscious meeting and
takes place cloths on. Practices with each other
or with your own partner takes place
exclusively in common consent & in mutual respect.


Events 2016:
   6.1./ 14.2. / 6.3. / 10.4./ 1.5. / 12.6. / 3 & 24.7. / 7.8./ 11.9. 9.10. / 6.11. / 4.12.
Time: 7- 10 pm
Location: Tanzstudio Freitänzer, Euckenstrasse 15, 81369 München
Energy Balance: 25,- Euro
Please note:
Participation is only possible with registration!