TAWA - Tantra meets Water

This invitation for the day is dedicated to regardful encounters & conscious expieriences in a space of tust & truth. Therefore you can dive deeply into a comfortable feeling of security in the water & on the land.

Discover, practise & expierience on a NEW way 
- to GIVE & to  RECEIVE
- presence & surrender
to open yourself in trusting and being touched in your heart.

After a conscious preparation we will trustfully give our bodies into the 35° warm water within an protected & save atmosphere & we let go into the HERE & NOW.
Afterwards we will anker the expierence in Body, Heart & Soul through touch. The intention is to feel yourself and support each other to get to a content & fulfilled state of happiness & abundance. Then we are filled up for our everyday LIFE & let us be relaxed in the state of BEING.


Events 2018:   Please call if interested, will happen if enough participants enroll
Time:  6 - 10 pm
Place: Living Senses, Starnberg - Allmannshausen
Balancing: 55,- Euro earlybird ends 2 weaks before each dates, regular 65,- Euro
Please note: Limited to 12 participants