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March 17.
Sensual Nights
- Meeting @ Heart
München / Freitänzer
7 - 10 pm
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December 27.
- Feel the SOUL dancing your LIFE
München / Freitänzer
7.30 - 9.30 pm
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 19. - 29. June
- First European
celebrates conscious dance
Kisslegg / Sonnenstrahl
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21. - 26. October
Workshop: THE SHIFT
- internally growing up
Chimsee /
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7. - 9. November
Workshop: TaMaWa
- Tantra meets Mantra meets Water
Kisslegg / Sonnenstrahl
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Sacred Spaces
München / Reich der Sinne
19 - 22 Uhr
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11 Oct
Date 11.10.2024 18:00 - 18.10.2024 14:00



Shiva & Shakti - unite the divine in you

This workshop is for anyone looking for a fulfilling relationship, feeling dissatisfaction, healing wounds from old relationships, or experiencing a burnout in their relationship.
The goal is to recognize internal blockages and projections and to dissolve them.
This allows the life and sexual energy to flow again and allows the participants to make all areas of life powerful.

Man and woman feel more alive and filled with their own inner love.

To love oneself means ...
... to feel yourself and your body
... to become free from inherited patterns, ideas, old roles and belief systems
... to arrive within yourself, to accept you and to understand yourself just as you truly are
... to define partnership
... researching oneself and taking responsibility for oneself.
... to feel free and easy, creates contentment and inner peace
... enable real contact and true relationships in which you are authentic
... give partnership a real chance and nourish the fire

A partner fulfills only what we send out - never what we expect from him! That is why many feel an inner emptiness or dissatisfaction despite their partnershi. Questions torment us, if we are "right" and adorable. Let's question our needs ... Then we blame the partner for something that is only in our own power. Because only those who find love in themselves, will also attract a partner where partnership is really lived, especially in matters of love, sexuality, lust and passion.

Therefore ... start with yourself, find the love in you!

"Inner Marriage" is a process within ourselves - an union with the Divine

The workshop is about listening to the inside and taking care not please others and therefore to betray your inner man & woman. We start a journey within ourselves in order to recognize ourselves in the heart, with all its shares, needs and longings and to accept oneself in all our facets.

By exploring our own male and female aspects in us, we discover wounds and injuries. In the healing support of the inner woman and the inner man, we come to inner peace and transform our relationships, our environment and the world - and we bring balance into these polarities. The inner man and the inner woman need our commitment.

Looking at these two poles in their weakened form, giving them space, creates a transformation to healing. The Inner Marriage of our recovering husband and healed wife is the union of our self. Combining the 3 dimensions of sexuality, spirituality and body creates the feeling of being ONE. Duality transforms and feelings of separation are recognized as illusions. The spark jumps over when we give ourselves a clear YES inside and is clearly felt and experienced.

When we are ihealed inside, we do not need to live unhealthy relationships in the outer world anymore, no longer play games, no counterparts to reveal projections, no more dramas, no one to show us in the outer world what we reject in ourselves. Our partnerships will be characterized by voluntariness, intimacy, closeness, freedom, personal responsibility, respect, honesty and authenticity.

Mindfulness with ourselves will characterize our encounters. It is the inner attitude that perceives with all the senses and recognizes the dynamics of the masculine and the feminine, which happens in the here and now. The quality of our lives is getting lighter, livelier, more relaxed and energetic. The life energy, our sexual energy is honored as valuable and sacred.

It is NOW time to allow this transformation in our interior, because if each one commits this healing journey, it will also show in the outside. We are serving, each and every one of us, who can change the world by being conscious, accepting our resistance, fears & shame, and taking responsibility for our actions. In this loving process, interactive and experiential methods are bodywork, constellations, meditation, dance & rituals.


Date: Easter 2019, April 19-21
Time: Friday 10 am to Sunday ca.18 pm
Location: FRAUBERGSTUDIO, Thalkirchen Munich
BALANCE: 340, - Euro early bird until 1.3.2019, then 380 Euro
Note: Number of participants limited to 16



Christina Pelzer
Telefon: 0151 / 41841940
E-Mail: christina[at]