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December 27.
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11 Oct
Date 11.10.2024 18:00 - 18.10.2024 14:00



The ART of conscious Coupeling

Date: 2019 November 1st - 3rd
Venue: Seminar Center Sonnenstrahl Kisslegg, Allgäu
Energy balance: 315, - € per person + UK / VP
Maximum 10 pairs
Registration for early bird until September 15th 280, - €

Would you like to grow together as a couple?
and support you clearly and lovingly in each others development?

Gift each other time to research, develop your potentials,
To make energies flow, to dissolve blockages.
Through BEING as a couple  in a new way of relating.

You will have the opportunity this weekend
to begin or deepen a 4D relationship,
in which partners meet truly and deeply.
With the 4D relationship you get to know a new kind of partnership,
in which the personal growth of the individual is the focus.

You will be able to explore what it means to be energetic with each other
to accompany each other on the way to a higher level.
In partnerships where both partners are vibrating at a high energy level,
each person is loving with themselves first. Nobody needs the other.
No one is responsible for the neediness of the other.
But you help each other to find love in yourself
and to develop yourselve further.

We will explore the Prana Flow & Energetic Orgasm,
finding your pure life energy to flow through the body.
Massage & Specific Touchpoints solves in a gentle way
energetic and sexual blockages and
increases your joy of life and life energy.
We will refuel ourselves in the 35 ° C warm water, carry - and let go.
Time to immerse yourself in your couplespace.

As a couple, you work exclusively with each other in exercises.
In the group, you support yourself through reflection and questions,
as well as in meditations and rituals.
Each couple can introduce their personal questions in advance.

Registration & information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The early bird ended on 15.9. !!!



Christina Pelzer
Telefon: 0151 / 41841940
E-Mail: christina[at]